Selasa, 22 Maret 2011


  1. Bob said to me,"Mary is crying on my shoulder at the moment."
  2. Tom said to me,"I don't want to eat this food."
  3. Mary said to me,"I called my friend yesterday."
  4. Bill said to me,"The children are planning to go to that new museum now."
  5. Tom said to me,"I haven't called Mary since yesterday."
  6. Joe said to me that he had been sitting there next to my house since two hours before.
  7. John said to Mary that he had written all of their stories in his new book.
  8. Jane said to me that she created her new painting in my room.
  9. Tom said to me that he spent his time in this room.
  10. Bob said to me that Anne didn't put the dictionary on that table.
  1. Bob said to me that Mary was crying on his shoulder at the moment.
  2. Tom said to me that he didn't want to eat that food.
  3. Mary said to me that she had called her friend the day before.
  4. Bill said to me that the children were planning to go to this new museum then.
  5. Tom said to me that he hadn't called Mary since the previous day.
  6. Joe said to me,"I have been sitting here next to your house since two hours before."
  7. John said to Mary,"I written all of their stories in my new book."
  8. Jane said to me,"I create my new painting in your room."
  9. Tom said to me," I spend my time in that room."
  10. Bob said to me,"Anne don't put the dictionary on this table."

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