Senin, 14 Maret 2011

An Minor Accident

That time I was 10 years old. on Sunday, I was on vacation to my aunt's house located behind housing. The place is like a township.

Our whole family has been accustomed to visiting my aunt's house.
In the housing there is a playground facility for children. My brother and I often play there. Initially we invited older male cousin us, to play there.

Once when my brother and I play, I had an accident. The accident happened while I was playing a slide in the playground. Slide was made of hard cement. I slammed it from sliding, to prostrate on the ground. It was painful. I almost do not realize, that I had fallen from the slide. My older male cousin immediately take action, which brings me to the nearest clinic. My mother and my aunt had also come to the clinic. There I realized that if my face was filled with fresh blood flowing. My mother said, "Oh God, what happened with my daughter".  My older male cousin explained what had happened. In the clinic, the wound in clean, and then treated. I also get a prescription from the doctor's clinic. After that I, my brother and my mom went home.

The next day, I have school schedule. Initially still hesitant to go back to school in this state. Finally I was in coaxing by my mother. I was escorted to school by car. On the way I feel embarrassed by my situation. I had to cover my face with a tissue and my school cap.

In class, there are students who make fun of me. I increasingly feel ashamed. But there are also some of my friends who support me. My teachers also support me, so I quickly recovered.
After that, I started to ignore the taunts of my friends. I live it with patience and sincerity.

A month later, I was cured and live my days in school.

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