Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Negative Side of Online Games

 Online gaming is a phenomenon that is able to defeat the existence of social networking sites. Along with the development of gaming technology, today a lot of online games that provide features "online community". This is enough to make some children and even adults are long-lasting play online games, to get their inner satisfaction.

  Addictive online games for children, because the game even began to be regarded as something that causes addiction, where gamers can linger after the game and stay there without wanting a disorder that can break the concentration in the online gaming.

  Playing online games to make the players lose track of time. From online games that have been incarnated as a lifestyle is the use of excessive playing time. I think we all know that everything that is not excessively profitable. So few cases on record, there are some online game players spend time in vain for the sake of the game and are willing to not shower, do not eat, let alone to do positive activities and carry out tasks that are not obligations.

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