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My Research Experience

Good morning friends .
Assalamualaikum ..

My name is Arum. I am Gunadarma university student. I majoring in economics. I am study at management faculty . I want to tell you my experience , when developing scientific research . The title of my research on " The Effect Of Working Capital Turnover Rate Liquidity Company ( Case Study : PT . Matahari Department Store Tbk . Tangerang ) .

actually the most memorable things of my scientific research preparation is when I have the guidance in three different places .
phew .. imagine tiring need guidance to Kalimas Campus , Campus E Kelapa Dua , and Campus J Kalimalang . ranging from lecturers to wait until I finished teaching the ditungguin lecturer . but that's a very enjoyable challenge .

The first thing I do to make scientific writing is to find a topic . What topic I will discuss , for further investigation . I'm looking to review the half - courses the previous semester . Divided - select any of the courses I have mastered and which have not .
After the can , I review the back of formulas and calculations . I continue searching scientific research journals . I am looking for a journal whose title is almost the same as my title .

Then I made her CHAPTER I . That makes me confused is when making formulation of the problem . Approximately issues like what should I researched . I also have to go back and forth to meet the lecturers on campus Kalimas . After checking my entire Chapter I , there are still to be revised . I got 2 times back and forth to campus Kalimalang to revise Chapter I. fortunately my father good supervisor , he would help me give you an idea of revising Chapter I.

After that , I worked on Chapter II . Which makes it difficult , when comparing materials reference books with material scientific research journals . Due to the materials used , the material of the reference book published in 2000. Should not be taking a reference under the year 2000 . From there I find another reference books in the library , at the bookstore , until I was looking at Kwitang . Finally I can finish well CHAPTER II . Fortunately CHAPTER II are not too concerned at his professor father . Because according to the professor is more important in Chapter III and Chapter IV .

CHAPTER II has been okay . Next I worked on Chapter III . In Chapter III a lot more on hypotheses and similar research studies . There I had to choose the existing hypotheses on the journal and matched with existing formulas in the reference books . Once finished , I immediately went to see the professor on campus two E oil . Because the professor was so coincidental committee invigilator . After the check , there are revised again . Because there are several similar research studies that are not relevant to the material covered . Next I correct the first . I worked all his CHAPTER IV . Once done , my way to the campus E oil two more .

I dateng campus E oil two , with two bowel movements. For quick guidance . Unfortunately I 'm late to the campus E oil unbeatable . Fortunately the professor is willing to wait for me . Having met the professor , I direct guidance . Remains still to be revised again . I met up 3 times a faculty mentor , to revise Chapter IV .

I don't give up! I though must be many times to the WARNET . I keep trying to do it . I am working again that Chapter V , just in case . Let more quickly completed his scientific writing . I did , until completion is revised his words . And finally in the same acc faculty mentor . Precisely when going acc scientific research that it is very stressful . Because time is getting a little , trial registration was getting full quota . but I believe , God's help is very near .

Alhamdulillah . Finally finished my deh results of scientific writing . I still unfinished struggle . Moreover, scientific writing session when registering . Beuh .. very long queue ..

Enough scientific writing my story , hopefully can be an inspiration for all of my friends . Excitement ! ! ! !

Wassalamualaikum ..

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