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Cute Cats, Pets Choice

Did you know about cats?

Is the cat meows or roars, cats still derived from the species Felis silvestris. Cats are carnivorous animal species, which usually eat chicken or fish. Cats are considered as "carnivorous perfect" with the teeth and digestive tract in particular. Tigers, lions, cheetahs, leopards, a large cat species that lives in the wilderness.Cats also have a gender. There are cats there are also male and female cats. Cats normally active males often involved a lot of fights throughout his life. This is evident in various cuts on the face, such as nose or ears. Female cats are also sometimes getting into fights to protect her children even sterile cat will defend vigorously the small area.

Pet cat that lived in the house should be given a box of sand or dirt that contains special ingredients that are sold in pet stores. It should also be provided a special place for cats to scratch. This is important because cats need scratching activity is to shed the old layers of nails for nails to stay sharp and maintained his health. The absence of this special place will cause the cat a lot of damage to furniture.Today, cats are one of the most popular pet in the world. Cat lineage officially listed as a cat breeds or strains of pure (pure breed). Cats like this are usually bred in captivity official animal. The number of cat race is only 1% of all cats in the world, the rest is a cat with half-breed such as a wild cat or kitten home.The types of cat 

 Cats also have various types of races and feathers, namely:

· Manx

Some people call it Rumpy. Its tail is short, brown fur color and lavender. Its loyal, friendly and smart.
· Maine Coon

Originally from Maine, USA, and American Shorthair Angora ancestry. But the origins of this cat was not known, try to compare with Birman cat or turkish van which we already know how its origin.Maine Coon cats can survive in the snow and cold though because it has a thick fur and anti-water, plus there is a very thick fur on the legs, abdomen and neck.
These cats have a great body. For male cats weighing between 6-9 kg only. As for female cats 4-6 kg. Maine Coon also has eyes and ears of the hearing reflects the ability penglihatkan and more. Its funny, shy but willing, and easy to close. Its fur is thin, soft, and colors vary.

· Burmese (Burma)

These cats were bred by Dr. Thompson (USA) from the queen cat wong want (Burma) and siam.These cats usually live at the temple. In fact there is a belief if the cat is dead shrine. So the ghost of a special cat will be accompanied by a ghost priest (humans).
characteristics of this cat type.Weighing between 4-6 kg. Colour pattern similar to the color point with more pale on the ears, face, legs and tail. Tail and neck feathers of the most prominent is thick and smooth. The length of the cat's body is but the form of strapping. Unlike the Abyssinian cat who has long ears. This cat-sized ears and curved. This cat really likes manusia.Warna brown weasels, other colors are blue, champagne, Lifa, red, brown, and blue turtles. Its cheerful and funny.

· Chinchilla longhair

This is the most elegant Persian cat. Ancestors from England. This race is divided into two kinds, namely chinchilla bright colors (true) and a rather dark (silver gradation).

· Siam

Siamese cats originated in that country called Siam. Now the country called Thailand. That is why most people I know use Indonesian Siamese cat to call this type of cat. So Siamese cats and Siamese cats are one type. And only distinguished by a name only.
Siamese cat characteristics are as follows:

* The length of the body, slender and muscular.
* Her body is slender and graceful.
* Small head and triangular shaped.
* Muzzle pointed,
* Blue-eyed.
* The ears are wide.
* Short and smooth hair.
* There is a contrasting color on the ends of the body such as feet, ears, mouth, tail, nose and around eyes.
The nature of the Siamese cat or Siamese cats are always curious and hyperactive. Sometimes it is also annoying because it was too noisy.

· Scotties fold

This cat looks like an owl called a Scottish Fold. It is also sometimes called Coupari, breeding with gene mutations with dominant-nature that made his ear contains cartilage and cause ear bent folded forward and down toward the front of their heads. real name is actually flops to "floppy" ears. Fold Scottish name that evolved into the name in 1966.

· Sphynx

This strange cat breed rare, he said Sphynx is also known as hairy Canada. This cat is known for its development are still poorly understood. Sphynx the first successful breed was the cat who first appeared in 1966.
· Toyger

Toyger is a medium-sized cat with fur like a bengal. Toyger have temperamin good with good health and are relatively resistant to disease.Ideal color is dark orange with black stripes like the tiger. Striped pattern should be elongated without any spots. Small and round ears. Overall pertulangan Toyger have a solid structure and balance.
Race cat is the result of crossbreeding with the domestic cat bengal. The goal is to generate a small tiger who can be invited to play and kept in the house. Toyger word itself is an abbreviation of "Toy Tiger" (tiger who can be invited to play). After years of hard work, marriage these cats produce cats with color stripes like a tiger.

ColorsCats have many kinds of colors and patterns. Their physical characteristics are not dependent on race. Domestic cats are grouped into the following types based on physical appearance:

* Short hair
* Long hair
* Oriental (not a specific race, all cats are slender, almond-shaped eyes, large ears, and fine body hair that short)
Genes that regulate the color and pattern in cat fur from cats to determine the physical appearance that distinguishes them into:

Telon or Calico 

white with little black spots or orange (or blue or beige). Japanese people often refer to this pattern as mi-to. Because coat color genes linked to sex, colorful Calico cats are usually female.Tortoiseshellblack with orange and white colors spread throughout his body. Cats that have black, bright orange, and dark orange called Calimanco or Clouded Tiger.


 striped with various patterns. Classic pattern in this cat-shaped dots or circles. Tabby mackerel species have three lines that appear next to his body, making the cat is like a mackerel fish.


 old name from the blue cat (gray).Bicolor (two colors)Tuxedo also known as paint or Jellicle cat has black fur with a little white on the legs, abdomen, chest, and possibly also in the face.
Well, which one is so cat of your choice?

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