Senin, 09 Mei 2011


tugas softskill 2..

Fill in the blanks with the right form of causative have, and choose the right form of verb given in the barckets. (Isilah dengan bentuk causative have yang benar, dan pilih salah satu bentuk verb yang benar yang diberikan di dalam kurung)
  1. We had our treasury bought our new books yesterday. (buy / buys / bought / to buy)
  2. She has her mom cooked dinner for her. (cook / cooks / cooked / to cook)
  3. He had his brother  done his homework last night. (do / does / did / done)
  4. Tom is having Bill written the report at the moment. (write / writes / writing / written)
  5. Mike has Jenni saved his data. (save / saving / saves / saved)
  6. Bob has his packages delivered by the postman. (deliver / delivers / delivered /  delivery)
  7. Eddy had his data changed by his secretary last week. (change / changes / changed / changing)
  8. Marie is having her house  painted by the workmen at the moment. (paint / painting / painted / paints)
  9. Jonny has his car parked by the parking man. (park / parks / parking / parked)
  10. They are having  their maid cleaned their room right now. (clean / cleaned / cleans / cleaning)

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